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About Marianna

Marianna Varviani is a Greek dance- theater artist,

she has worked internationally in Greece, UK, Spain, Brazil and the USA; as a choreographer, director, performer, and instructor.

Marianna is the founder and artistic director of 'Selcouth'.

She has created the works: 'Vortex' which was performed at 'Arc for Dance Festival', 'European Dance Network', and Festival of Rematia 'Our Festival', 'Ahtikos_ a dance for liberation' performed at 'Arc for dance festival' as part of 'Prime Movers', 'Phoenix_ rising from the Ashes' performed at UCLA Kaufman Hall, ‘Untwine’ performed San Pedro Festival of the Arts/USA, ‘Co’ performed at ‘Ebb & Flow Festival in LA, ‘Are you with me?’ as part of the Culture Flow residency at Piyoda Flow, and ‘Art Truck LA’ as part of ‘The Other Art Fair’ in Santa Monica. Her award-winning collection of short dance films 'Time to Dream', has toured internationally to 20 film festivals.

Marianna has performed in projects by: Salia Sanou, Friidom, Ghislain Grellier, Stella Spyrou, Ohi Paizoume, Ha! Theatre Ensemble, Patari Project, Dimitris Kostakis, and others.

She has a B.A. in Contemporary Theatre from E15/ University of Essex and an MFA in Dance from UCLA. She has been teaching dance and theater since 2008 in Brazil (Theatre of the Oppressed, RJ), UK (E15/ University of Essex), Greece (Kinitiras studio, Belleville, Lotofagoi/Ministry of Culture, Studio Trajectory), and USA (UCLA, Heidi Duckler Dance, Motive Brooklyn, Piyoda Flow).

Marianna has been a member of the Krump Demolition Crew/ DCX since 2021. She has been training Aerial Silks since 2016.

My Story

I started my artistic journey by embodying characters through the lens of theater. I wanted to live a thousand lives, through characters and stories. As my practice evolved I focused more on physical practices, the details and elements that shape up individuals and groups.

I believe that through dance theater we can change the world! Thinking of the creative and sharing processes of making as social tools, I aim to connect artistic aesthetics with political aspects or art.

My process focuses on stripping forms to their barest elements before reshaping them. Understanding the different possibilities and combinations of using bodies in space, and the intriguing effects of individuals interacting with each other and their environment. I am interested in a deep connections of movement; the ‘raw’ energy (as people refer to it in Krump).

Through the senses, I invite my audience, collaborators and students, to use their imaginations in order to experience a different journey. With the body and its possibilities as a starting point, I aim to create new worlds, emotions and textures with each project. My practice revolves around instinctive movement, everyday gestures, contemporary dance principals, and traditional forms. Studying each movement to create meaning, each choice contributes in creating dramaturgy. Through this lens everything we experience transforms into a reason to experience something new!


Collaborations excite me and fuel my creativity. Connect with me!

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