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Choreographer/ Director

In 2016, Marianna created 'Selcouth' through which she creates, choreographs and produces her work.

Marianna Varviani together with Theodosis Konstas and Maro Manthou founded  'Ha! Theatre Ensemble' in 2011-14.

They have devised, performed, and produced the works:

'Star trip'

'The Age of the Woodcock'

'Colourful Water'

'Super Sweet Bergamond'


Marianna was a co-founding member of 'Patari Project' performing

and co-creating '10cm up' which toured in Greece, 2013-14.

'Are you with me?', Piyoda Flow, as part of the 'Seed/ Culture Flow' residency, LA, 2023

'The Isle of Oturia', E15/ London, 2023

'Co', as part of 'Art Truck LA' and 'The Other Art Fair' /Santa Monica

'Ebb & Flow Festival', co-produced by Selcouth and Heidi Duckler Dance/ LA, 2022-23

‘Grey Zone’, E15/ London, 2022

‘Untwine’, choreographed by Marianna Varviani, performed at San Pedro Festival for the Arts, produced by LA Choreographers and Dancers /LA, 2022

‘Time to Dream’ a collection of 7 short dance films, created by Marianna Varviani/LA

Toured internationally in 20 festivals winning awards for Best ScreenDance, International

Women Award, Independent Short Best Composer, 2021

New Nazareth festival (Finalist)

Athens Video Dance Festival

Addis Video Art Festival

New York International Arts Festival

New York International Film Awards - NYIFA

Inspired Dance Festival

Indie Short Film Fest (Best Screendance Award)

Toronto International Women’s Film Festival’ (Award Winner)

Berlin Short Film Festival

Independent Short Awards (Award Winner)

San Francisco Indie Short Festival (Nominee)

Melbourne Lift Off Film Festival

Amsterdam Short Film Festival

Berlin Indie Film Festival

Greensboro Dance Film Festival

Rio De Janeiro World Film Festival (Quarter Finalist)

Psarokokalo Athens International short film festival

Tokyo shorts festival (Semi-Finalist)

Prague International Indie Film Festival

Cannes Cinema Festival

Open Vision Film Fest

‘Phoenix’, choreographed by Marianna Varviani, performed at Glorya Kaufman Dance hall/ LA, 2022

‘The next step’, short film by Sai Stefan Wanigatunga, official selection for the Golden Short Film Festival, LA/2019

‘Ahtikos_ a dance of liberation’, choreographed by Marianna Varviani, performed as part of Prime Movers in ‘Arc for Dance Festival’/  Athens, 2018

‘Vortex’, performed as a work in progress at ‘Arc for Dance Festival’ in May 2015,

‘European Dance Network’  as a site specific for the ‘Silent Walk’ created by Patricia Apergy and Aerites Dance Company in October 2015,

as a complete piece at Sygrono Theatre in February 2016 and,

at ‘Our Festival’ in Rematia in Septeber 2017/ Athens

'Super Sweet Pergamond', Theater Bios & Olvio/ Athens, 2014










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