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Bachelors in Contemporary Theater

East15, University of Essex


Masters of Fine Arts in Dance

University of California Los Angeles




Motion Capture: Fantastic Beasts, Mind's Eye Tribe: TJ Storm/ LA, 2023

Workshop Far from the Norm Intensive/ London, 2023

Aerial Straps with Lydia Lara at Womack and Bowman, LA/ 2023

Motion Capture Essentials Workshop, Mind’s Eye Tribe: TJ Storm & Andi Norris/ LA, 2022

Fellow, with an MFA degree in Dance Choreography (Recipient of Dean’s General Scholarship 2020-2021, James A. Doolittle Scholarship for 2019-20), LA/2018-21

Mohiniyattam workshop with Vijayalakshmi/ LA, 2020

Krump workshops & sessions, as a member of the Demolition Crew/ LA, 2018-ongoing

Movement and Voice seminar with Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble/LA, 2018

Gaga workshop with Erez Zohar/ LA, 2018

Haka seminar with Haka Works & Manaia and Amelia Butler/ LA, 2018

Aerial Silks with Jill Franklin and Gabe Holden- Reid at Aerial Physique/ LA, 2018

 Monographic Workshop with Akram Khan and assistant Yen-shin Li at Festival Deltebre Dansa/ Spain, 2017

 Deltembre Dansa in Spain: Workshops with Linda Kapetanea & Josef Frucek (Fighting Monkey), Anton Lachky,  Laura Aris, Shia Faran/ Spain, 2017

SNDO Intensive workshop in Dance and Choreography/ Amsterdam, 2015

‘Hofesh Shechter Company’ intensive workshop in Dance/ London, 2015

Aerial Silks Classes by Evgenia Galeraki and Foteini Galeraki/ Athens, 2015-18

Singing classes with Antonio Armani/ Athens, 2014-16

‘Choreographic Attempts’ an annual choreographic workshop led by Patricia Apergy (Aerites Dance company).                       Organized by Frosso Trousa and Dance Cultural Centre/ Athens, 2014-15

 Theatre Ad’Infinitum/ London, 2013

 Polyphonic Singing workshop led by the ‘Polyphonic Karavan' at the ‘Museum of Folklore Art and Instruments’/ Athens, 2012

Internship in Theatre of the Oppressed with Augusto Boal/ Rio de Janeiro, 2018

BA in Contemporary Theatre, East15 Acting School, Essex University/ London, 2004-7

Song of the Goat, Polish Physical Theatre intensive/ Wroclaw, 2006

Fuerteventura Contact Festival/ Canary Islands, 2011

Capoeira training with Mestre Caboclin (Capoeria Ceara) and Mestre Pepeto  (Cordao de Ouro)/ Brasil (various locations)/ London UK/Athens Greece, 2005-11


‘Drama Centre’ Acting school Summer Workshop/ London, 2003

Workshops in ‘Epi Kolono’ theatre, member of ‘Omada Nama’, by Eleni Skoti, Victoria Haralampidou, George Paloumpis/Athens,2002-4

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