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Performer/ Stage


‘Ebb & Flow’choregraphed by Friidom, produced by Heidi Duckler Dance/ LA, 2021

‘Bystander’, choreographed by Ghislain Grellier & Marianna Varviani, East Angels /LA, 2019

‘Desire for Horizons’, choreographed by Salia Sanou/ LA, 2019

‘Omnira’, dancer, choreographed by Stella Spyrou, performed in  Greece & Spain, 2015-17 

ARC for Dance Festival,

Our Festival,

Sygxono Theatro,

IETM festival  

Trayectos :Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea, 

Agitart: Figueres es mou,  

La Fundicion Bilbao,

Cádiz en Danza MASDANZA with ‘Special Mention of the Jury’ Award

‘Lacrimal’, dancer, choreographed by Harrys Koushos, Stegi Grammaton&  Techon, Onassis Cultural Centre/ Athens, 2016

‘Dourgouti Island Hotel’ a site-specific performance, dancer, by ‘Oxi Paizoume’ group/ Athens, 2015

‘Ego-trip’, dancer, choreography by Murtw Delimichali, Sygxrono Theatro, as a work in progress for the 'Arc for Dance Festival'/ Athens, 2015


‘Facade’, dancer, choreography by Erato Chatira, Sygxrono Theatro, as a work in progress for the 'Arc for Dance Festival'/ Athens, 2015

‘Navire’, performer, a dance theatre piece directed by Eirini Adamou, Mavromihali Theatre/ Athens, 2015

'10cm Up ' & ‘10 cm Updated’, performer, devised by Patari Project, directed by Sofia Paschou, Olvio Theatre Athens and toured at Thessaloniki Dimitria Festival, Patra, Kalamata, Zakuntho, 2013-14

‘Colourful Water’, performer, directed by ‘Ha! Theatre Ensemble’, KET/ Athens, 2013

‘The cult’, actor, directed by Giorgos Angelopoulos/ Athens, 2013

‘The Age of the woodcock’, performer, devised by ‘Ha! Theatre Ensemble’/ Athens, 2012

Devised Theater Festival of Neos Kosmos Theater

Kinitiras Art Space

Poli Theater

‘Star Trip’, performer, directed by ‘Ha! Theatre Ensemble’/ Athens 2011-12

First Prize at the Bob Theater Festival Scratch Awards,

Chora Theater

Rabbithole Theater

‘De-fences’, performer, directed by Marili Mastrantoni, Dipilo Theatre/ Athens, 2009

‘Orbis’, performer, devised by ‘TearSplash’, Soho Theatre/ London, 2007

‘The story of’, performer, directed by Ken Cambel/ London Colleges tour, 2007

‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Stranger’, performer, directed by Uri Roodner/ London schools tour, 2007

‘The Bacchae’, actress, directed by Brian Astbury/ London, 2006

‘All the things that Anne can be’, performer, directed by Ian Morgan, Room 56/ London, 2006

‘Los Tres Bastardos de Frigerate’, performer, directed by Uri Roodner/ London,2006

‘Goodbye’, performer, directed by Toby Clarke/ London, 2006

Film/ Television

‘Ruzi’, directed by Kelly Sarri, choreographer and perfomerd by Marianna  Varviani, featured in  the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, LA/2020

‘Murder Filmmaking Express’, directed by Petros Antoniadis, performer, 10 Finalist Selection of 48Hours: Lockdown of New Zealand Festival, 2020

‘Redirection’, video art by Karina Lopez/ LA, 2020

‘Silk Edges’, short film by Karina Lopez/ LA, 2019

‘Kιν.Ω’ documentary directed by Chrysanthi Badeka/ Athens, 2018


‘Arrythmia’, short film, directed by Dimitris Sylvestros, leading Marianna Varviani/ Athens, 2013

‘God Loves Caviar’, feature film, directed by Yannis Smaragdis/ Athens, 2012

‘Forest of Lost Souls’, film, directed by Thanos Tsavlis, International Thessaloniki Film Festival / Athens, 2011


‘B Rhesus Arnitiko’, film, directed by Nikos Panagiotou, post-production/ Athens, 2011

‘Blank Page’, short, directed by Dimitris Kostakis, Naousa Film Festival, Athens, 2011

 Greece (8th Naoussa International Film Festival)


‘Let Go’, short film, directed by Dimitris Kostakis/ Athens, 2010

 ‘Love is in the Air’, short film, leading Marianna Varviani, 3rd price in the 48-hour Film Festival, directed by Dimitris Kostakis, Athens, 2009

‘Ge-Gr’, short film, directed by Christos Stayrou and Byron Nikolopoulos,

                                   leading Marianna Varviani,/Athens, 2004

‘Adulthood’, T.V. movie, directed by Byron Nikolopoulos/ Athens, 2003

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